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Our Case Studies

JOOC MEDIA is dedicated to bringing our clients to the forefront of social media by turning content into business leads. Take a look at some of our beautiful projects to see how much our work can impact your business.

Made Wild

Made Wild is a small clothing brand based out of Denver, CO. The CEO found us via one of our photographers on a photo sharing site. Although Made Wild already had a unique clothing line an potential to grow, they lacked the content to showcase the quality of their product and pus...

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Improving everything they touch, ZEALCON has become the go to team for many Fortune 500 companies when it comes to enterprise software maintenance. You can see a list of some of their clients here. Their most recent client hired them to make their website responsive. It was real...

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About Us

Content Production - Brand Alignment - Deductive Analysis

Our artists live and breathe media. We let them spend all day capturing high quality images, videos, timelapses, and drone footage. Our immense library consists of high quality snapshots of life ready to be branded and posted on social media for your audience.



Catch their attention.

Most of us are familiar with dating apps – you swipe right if you like what you see, you swipe left if you don’t. Whether they realize it or not, businesses are in the dating game, and most of them get swiped up. Our goal is to help you stop getting scrolled passed by putting your best custom selfie forward to consistently present your brand to an audience that will like you, and then tell the world how much they like you too.


Our philosophy.

Live for the wow emoji.

Imagine having a branch of employees who have been groomed to pair your story with content the audience loves. We are a group of artists who love capturing the world around us and sharing it with as many people as we can. We realized that the loud, boring content produced by today’s marketers gave us and businesses like yours an opportunity to shine.


Get the #ForceClick.

They can't help it.

We create beautiful content that forces your audience to stop scrolling. Our goal is to make them acknowledge and express that they like your content. Your brand is now tied to that piece of content in the follower’s mind and they can’t wait to see what you post next. Adding pure unadulterated art to a brand creates a story bigger than any one business. It’s inclusive, convincing, and rewarding for everyone involved… including your audience.

What We Do


We post 1 unique, beautiful content to each social media platform every day to keep your brand relevant in your customer's newsfeed.

  • Develop / User inerface
  • Photography / Flayers
  • Marketing / Research

Content Creation

Content? We'll take care of that.

This is the whole reason JOOC MEDIA™ exists. We'll take all the photos, write and direct all the videos, and make all the necessary graphic edits. Our photographers and videographers are as pretentious as they sound, but it also means you'll have professional quality content on your social media accounts.

Organic. It's better.

We post 3 pieces of content that the audience just enjoys. If we get a like or a view, we've accomplished our goal for these posts. Not only are we providing a value to your customer, we are influencing the social media platform's algorithim to determine that our next post will be relevant to the user. The 4th post is an ask to get the audience to your event or website and drive sales. Our posts will not be “ady” just engaging and appreciated by your audience.

  • Strategy / Sales
  • Social Media / Unique
  • Organic / Research

Paid Advertising

B2B Strategies. The untapped sales avenue.

Our social media strategy for b2b sales generation is based on the truth that business are comprised of people that are on social media more than an hour a day. Our goal is to sell your brand the same way we do all social media with beautful, unique content. The only difference is we hone in on the specific business. After consistently targeting that audience with our content paired with your brand, your sales foot in the door becomes an elevator ride to a meeting with the companies decision makers.

Paid advertising. meh followed by shrugs.

The only reason we would ever suggest to do paid advertising is to drive new users to opt-in on your brand. Maybe we just finished an awesome video for you and the world deserved to see it, or you're a brand new business and need to get out there. Either way, those new opt-ins will become organic growth opportunities the rest of our services are aimed at. Our exception to this rule is geofilters by snapchat.

  • Development / Branding
  • Marketing / Graphic Design
  • User inerface / Photography


Brand Alignment

Every post will compliment the story your brand is telling. Your customers will want to own part of the story to show their friends that they are about what you are about. We sell your story because your story sells your products.

  • Data / Tracking
  • Research / Engagement
  • Direction / Content

Analysis vs Analytics

SnapChat geofilters! People die for these.

A geofilter is a custom image overlay snapchat users can use within a designated area and time. It's perfect for getting your brand in front of a ton of people at a local event. Our graphic designers will design a custom geofilter for your brand and schedule them to be shared across the snapchat community.

Analysis. Direction, not data

With the amount of content we'll be pushing out for you, analytics becomes easy to understand. When we understand, we can pivot and adjust the message or the delivery to attain more apostles for you business. We provide a summary of what the data is telling about your brand's online influence along with the adjustments we'll make to take it to the next level.

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ForceClick(noun): the event in which your social media content is of such high caliber that your audience can't help but engage.

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JOOC Journal

The Power of Storytelling

When you start a business, whether it’s because you have a unique idea or solved a problem that affects you every day, there is one skill you have to master before you do anything else. You have to be able to tell a compelling story. Chances are, you've already told the sto...

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What is a Social Media Marketing Plan?

All companies have marketing plans, but many do not have a social media marketing plan. In today’s world, neglecting social media marketing means missing out on inexpensive/free advertising and exposure to key target demographics and ideal and likely buyers. Social media provid...

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