Made Wild is a small clothing brand based out of Denver, CO. The CEO found us via one of our photographers on a photo sharing site. Although Made Wild already had a unique clothing line an potential to grow, they lacked the content to showcase the quality of their product and push sales. The JOOC Media team and Made Wild quickly set to work on a detailed plan and shot list for the brand’s “Season 2” clothing line. Upon Season 2’s release, Made Wild saw an initial 30% increase in social followers, 60% increase in website visits, and increases in repeat customers and checkout conversion rate.
After JOOC media started working with
  • Online sales doubled
  • 30% increase in social followers
  • Increase in engagement on social media
  • 60% increase in website visits
  • Repeat customer percentage jumped from 1.9% to 8.8%
  • Checkout conversion rate jumped from 1.9% to 2.2%



Updated Testimonial:
“It’s surprising to see such a noticeable jump in our sales and customer engagement after posting our shoots. I knew the team at JOOC would make us look more professional, but I never anticipated the reaction we got from the photos. It was incredibly rewarding to work with them and the team they assembled one-on-one. They made sure to capture each product in a way that sold a lifestyle, not just a shirt. There’s a solid list of photos that I’d like to have printed in a large scale format. Our photos feel too good to just show off our product, they’re more than that. They’re art. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chance I get to work with JOOC Media again.” – Christopher, CEO