All companies have marketing plans, but many do not have a social media marketing plan. In today’s world, neglecting social media marketing means missing out on inexpensive/free advertising and exposure to key target demographics and ideal and likely buyers. Social media provides a huge platform to get your brand/name/product/service out there to an audience who wants to see this content.

Let’s go over some numbers to demonstrate the importance of having a social media marketing plan in place, and a few simple ways to help get you started:

SMM (Social media marketing) is more prevalent than ever today, and this is no longer just a demographic of millennials, 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites. Greater yet, 70% of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile.

Social media is where the people are, and if you want to reach this audience, you’ll need a plan.

Here are some simple tips and videos that have helped me a great deal in learning about social media marketing and how to execute a plan:

Jim Tobin – how to create a social media marketing strategy. Jim in this video outlines a well thought out plan the he himself uses daily.

Sproutsocial – a basic outline for a SMM strategy. Sproutsocial has a bunch of tips that I highly recommend. We use tip #4 every single day, they hit it spot on!

Forbes – How to build your social media / misnomers. Amazing information from the kings at Forbes themselves. The basic function of marketing promotion has changed.  It is no longer enough to simply grab attention, you need to be able to hold attention and that’s where social strategy comes in.”

Clearly, a presence in social media is not only necessary in today’s market, it is pivotal. Companies with a marketing team need to adapt to stay relevant. For companies without marketing teams, well, that’s where JOOC Media comes in.