Improving everything they touch, ZEALCON has become the go to team for many Fortune 500 companies when it comes to enterprise software maintenance. You can see a list of some of their clients here. Their most recent client hired them to make their website responsive. It was really a foot in the door kind of contract with the potential of taking more deals in the future. One way to get more of the pie was to pitch not just a responsive design, but a better looking, modern website. The problem was that ZEALCON had no experts in digital media design.


So the opportunity for JOOC Media was to help ZEALCON land the bigger contract by providing their client with a portfolio of all the digital media we’d produced so far. ZEALCON literally sent our portfolio to their client and within the hour had increased their contract from mobile responsiveness to complete website redesign. This moment was the first time we realized JOOC Media could play with Fortune 500 companies.

ZEALCON used us to capture content tailored for their client and implement a design for their client that represented the client’s successful business culture online. This, however, was just the beginning of the ZEALCON, JOOC Media relationship. ZEALCON secured us on a retainer and we completely rebranded their online presence and continue to land more design deals with Fortune 500 companies for ZEALCON.

The result of JOOC Media’s rebranding efforts is reflected in ZEALCON’s excitement for marketing opportunities. ZEALCON is going to trade shows with brochures and freebies they can be proud of, their Social Media efforts have tripled, and their employees are bragging about who they work for.